I was born in 1984 to my beloved parents in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I am the eldest of 6 siblings. Have a degree in aerospace engineering which is now left dusty in the cupboard. I love to read when I’m free, or sometimes cross-stitch, depending on the mood. But now with my little one around,  I just mostly spend my time playing with him, or cuddling together reading a book, playing games or watching BabyTv on Astro.

I am a stay-at-home mummy. Since my family is my topmost priority, I dedicate myself to my loving hubby and adorable sons. I am very much committed to educating and nurturing my little caliphs into professional muslims. I  am a firm believer that parents (especially mothers) are the best educator for their children. I also believe that a truly successful lady is one who is able to balance between her spouse, children, family and career properly in its order. My mentors are, of course, my own parents who has taught me well over the years.

I hope to share whatever knowledge and experience I have with you. Please feel free to express any opinion or ideas in the comments section. 😀 I hope fellow readers will benefit from my blog. Insya Allah~


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