Homeschooling and I: It’s Time for Kindy! it?

Aiman is 3 years old this year! 😀 Some of us are already excited to send the lil ones off to kindy. What about me? Well, I guess not yet.

When Aiman was born, I actually planned to send him off to kindy at 3 years old. I thought, if he just stay home, he would be wasting precious time to learn.

As time passes, my hubby bought me my first Iphone, then Aiman grew and started to show interest in my phone, so I tried to search for apps that would teach him the basics of knowledge; getting to know the alphabets and numbers.

Seeing the progress my son had made, and seeing that he is not at all wasting his time at home (well, playing is not a waste of time for kids, you’s a form or learning too), i finally decided against sending Aiman to kindy this year. I don’t know about next year yet though. For now, I think it is good for him to learn at home where I can teach him a lot of things, and at the same time bond with him, and let him bond with his baby brother. Oh have I mentioned that Aiman is teaching Irfan alphabets, numbers and colours? Just like I taught him before! Then he will kiss Irfan, just like I kissed him! 😀

Now that he has known all the alphabets and has correctly grasp the concept of numbers, starting now, the new academic year for my homeschool, I will start to teach him reading and counting. (Thanks to Teacher Amani for the tips hehehe..the good thing about having a cousin who teaches preschoolers :D)

Dear friends, please do not forget that school can never replace the thousand other things that we must teach our youngsters. Manners, moral values, religious values, just to mention a few. It can never substitute the parental role, and parental love in a child’s mind and heart. No matter how much money you are willing to spend to send your child to the best schools, please do not forget that the best educator for a child is the PARENTS, and the best school for a child is HOME.




2 thoughts on “Homeschooling and I: It’s Time for Kindy! it?

  1. dapat homeschool alya time weekend jer…on weekdays xsempat..balik kerja dh penat…xdpt nk mengajarnya mana…lgpun alya jenis tidur awal, after maghrib xpun paling lambat kul 9 tu confirm dh tido

    • 20 minit 3 kali seminggu pun dah cukup dah kak noen.. time dlm kereta, sambil makan.. pun boleh jugak.. in the form of singing ke, bg tgk video ke.. budak bijak mcm alya tuh musti cpt punye bule blaja 😀 yg penting kena engage her attention je; which is cabaran besar dlm mengajar aiman skrg huhuhu

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